Have Shade when it’s Hot, Shelter when it Pours (it’s not going to pour),  Food and Drink and much, much more

Patrons are supporters of the Scottish Games who pay a little extra to help the games and in return get some neat stuff.

   Preferred Patrons Parking space close to the entrance all day long  
   Entrance for two (single patronages also available at reduced price)
   Seating in the Patrons Tent with a prime view of the Amphitheater
   Snacks during the Day, Lunch, Tea, Juice, Beer  
   Games Program
   Notice of your patronage in the Games Program    
   Separate Restroom for Patrons in main tent
   Patron ribboned name tags to show other you support the games.
    Meet others with the same interests in Games.

Reduced price until May 15: $30/person 

After May 15 the donation is $70.00 for which you will receive two gate passes, preferred parking, a souvenir program and program listing (if received by July 15). You will also be guests at our hospitality tent on the hill where you will find refreshments and seating for two. We also offer a single patronage opportunity for $40. with the same accommodations for one person.

Your participation as a patron helps us to continue these annual games that foster awareness of our cultural heritage. If you would like to support the games and take advantage of our extra services contact Nicole Jenkins.. And Thank You! 

Write care of the address below:

CNY Scottish Games            OR            Nicole Jenkins
P.O. Box 6405                                        14 Spy Island Cove
Syracuse, N& 13217                                Mexico, NY 13114